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offensive line

  1. T

    Different Approach to OL in Camp

    Armando tweets: "By this time last few camps Tony Sparano had already mixed and matched multiple OL combos in the name of position flexibility. Not Philbin." I really like this change of approach and I am looking forward to seeing if it pays dividends. Sparano's constant shuffling didn't make...
  2. RockyMtnPhinfan

    WOW, O-line now could be our strength

    With the addition of Jonathon Martin we now have a real back bone for our team to grow from. Jake Long, Mike Pouncey and Jonathon Martin form an undeniably strong group to anchor our line. Martin got beat on some inside moves as well as some outside moves but overall did very well at LT. I think...
  3. utahphinsfan

    Potential Upgrades @ OL & TE

    Its not my intent to beat a dead horse, but... Pay close attention to Tony Bergstrom (RT Utah) in the Sun Bowl Saturday. Gotta represent some who went to the same college & HS I did. An OL of Long, Jerry, Pouncey, Garner, & Bergstrom would be an upgrade. I would not mind Incognito & Carey as...
  4. utahphinsfan

    Fixing the OL w/ a soon to be former Cowboy

    Drafting Nick Martinez from Okla St in the 3rd Round. Ad**** or Garner would be okay too. Martinez starting at RG & Garner at RT would go along way toward rectifying the meatball's tinkering.
  5. Kdawg954

    Post Preseason Game #3: Stock Report

    After a Great Week of upward trends against the Panthers, the stocks came crashing down against the Bucs. Stock Up Chad Henne - He was accurate, he showed touch, he looks like he is showing much better command when at the line of scrimmage and he is chillin on the sidelines with Fasano and...
  6. Kdawg954

    Post Preseason Game #2: Stock Report

    Here is a basic 5 guys whose stock is up, and 5 guys whose stock is down report: Stock Up: Chad Henne - He wasn't all world, but he was solid. Second game in a row he was showing his new found athleticism in the pocket. Looks more in command, looks more confident. He is going to have to...
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