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  1. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Stephen Ross injured by Christian Wilkins

    No not really but is that what anyone thought watching him celebrate with Ross?šŸ˜„ here's the clip of anyone didn't see it.
  2. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Ross is back! Now we can start winning!

    Best owner in the league will give us his emotional support during this game and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the undefeated team. Who else is excited?
  3. fin007

    Media mofos who write dissertations telling owners, players, fans what they should do next or learn from the past

    This mofo: wrote this long bs commentary in which he tries to come off as all-knowing, and in which he does his best "i-hope-you-learned-from-your-past-eff-ups monologue", with a list of "21 lessons" Ross...
  4. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    " I wish he was a better quarterback" - Ross on Rosen

    (5:50 mark) Maybe Ross is telling us what he already knows and what the coaching staff has told him.
  5. Kdawg954

    Miami Dolphins will regret trusting wallet, not eyes, on Jarvis Landry

    Continue reading @ Really good article by Dave George. Whether you want Landry here or not, if the reason is just a couple million AAV, considering other...
  6. pacresjt

    New culture will build next Dynasty

    Adam Gase and Mr Ross are creating what I believe to be the next NFL Dynasty. Take a minute and check out all of the other AFC East media outlets and I think you will notice something that is beginning to become a Trend.... The dolphins investment in its players and its fan base. Business...
  7. matt11390

    What About GM

    With such a huge thread about a new head coach we need to start with the GM. Will Ross keep Hickey if Philbin goes or will Ross send both packing?
  8. snake eyes

    I"m a bit leery of this sudden leak from the F.O. on Ireland.

    Unless Ross is the most incompetent dufus on on the planet, the Texans game should have come as no surprise. Ross never got out in front of it. Suddenly we lose the game the entire world knew we were going to lose and NOW ross leaks his dissatisfaction with Ireland. Something Stinks here. I...
  9. snake eyes

    I really dont understand Ross.

    We all know the dolphins suck and have for years. All the sports media has been talking about it, Local Media talks about it, all the fans talk about it, all the forums and message boards talk about it. And now the whole country could see on Hard Knocks how we suck. So it is no secret AT...
  10. snake eyes

    Does Ross even F'ing Care!!!!!!

    With all the TV money and Revenue sharing and tax shelters does he care. He never really seems to be emotionally involved with the product on the field. Oh sure he likes a nice Orange Carpet and flashy things but does he really give a crap about the team?
  11. snake eyes

    Philbin, Ireland next year.

    I have to say it looks like Philbin is going to be a good HC> Not sure about the other coaches time will tell. So we stock draft picks hope for the best 8-8 hopefully. Philbin seems like a guy that likes to communicate in peace and order but I wonder I he has the gonads after this season If...
  12. snake eyes

    No matter what Ross Does until he wakes up a sees Ireland is the problem we doomed!

    Year after year season after season coach after coach there remains only one connection to the Disease that is the Miami Dolphins. Jeff Ireland. Ireland must really have something big over Ross's head to black male him with. This makes no sense. He is willing to change everything else except...
  13. snake eyes

    Problems real or imagined, Ireland must go!

    Ok maybe we are all wrong about Ireland and he is doing a good job the problem is that perception is fact in these cases. Some times you have to throw the lamb to the wolves however I dont think Ireland is a lamb I think he is the problem. Ross needs make a statement to the entire league...
  14. snake eyes

    If Ross hopes to sign players this year Ireland needs to go!

    If Ross is so stupid to see what the problem is than he will kill his team.
  15. snake eyes

    Dear God! This is like witnessing a slow motion plane crash, From the inside!

    We are all looking for answers, crying out if you will and nobody can or will explain themselves!!!!!!!! HELP!
  16. snake eyes

    Pardon my french but we have become the leagues Bia@ch!!!

    Ross and Ireland are so stupid they cant see that every team in the League comes down here to play us. They know they can drive up their price then go back and laugh about it. Ross is really stupid and Ireland is pretty much his yes man.
  17. snake eyes

    As long as Ross owns this team we will be eternally Farked!

    I see you see it we all see it. I know its really an obvious post but it is really a shame!
  18. snake eyes

    Face it gang we have been here before. This aint gonna happen.

    Sorry but this has that feeling written all over it. Sure go ahead and bash me and blast me but Ross has never been able to pull the trigger when he needed to and we have all been excited just to be crushed. I'm telling you be carefull lest you be sorely disappointed:tubes:.
  19. snake eyes

    Would you say the Colt's management is smarter than the Dolphins?

    Ok here is why i ask. Ross is getting bashed on his hapless coaching search. I'm not a big ross fan but let's be fair. The colts are looking at the same retread coaches that Ross is looking at. So why arent the colts subject to the same media speculation the dolphins are? Andrew Luck that's...
  20. VaPhinatic

    Why is Ireland part of interviewing Fisher?

    I was thinking about it -- Fisher can go to St Louis and possibly Indy/SD and handpick his GM or at least have final approval over players. What if he says to Ross, "I want final approval over player selection (draft and FA) and the active roster." Is Ireland going to sit there and give up...
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