1. coalesce

    NFL Replay Dolphins-Patriots 12-17-13 @ 3:30 PM

    Just saw it announced this morning. Michael
  2. VaPhinatic

    Dolphins/Steelers - Predict the Score

    Well, 4 games left. Dolphins are right in the playoff mix. This is a very important game for obvious reasons. Historically, this is a game that the Dolphins would lose in the past 10 years. Cold weather road game against a perennial playoff team with a pro bowl QB. However, Pittsburgh is...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Worst Part of Rookie Hazing? Monetary or Psychological

    After hearing the NFL Network, ESPN, CNN, etc.. I think Martin may have left because of monetary obligations towards the team. Do you think rookie hazing from crazy haircuts, to pranks, to carrying equipments on the field can really affect a football player who in my opinion football is the...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Sherman getting all the Blame!!! What about KEVIN COYLE DC???

    We can blame Sherman all we want but how come Coyle is getting a free pass with his defense? I know that Sherman play calling is terrible and was terrible in the 2nd half of the NE England game. BUT..... But let's not forget that our run defense is also really mediocre at best right now. We...
  5. FSU Truth

    Dolphins: Most pleasant surprise and biggest disappointment...

    I’m still relatively new here so this may have been brought up but..... Which Dolphins has been the most pleasant surprise and which one has been the biggest disappointment? Pleasant Surprise Charles Clay: I was one of those people that felt the TE position was basically doomed with the...
  6. MadDog 88

    Schein: Dolphins Set Up for Sustained Success

    There has been a lot of disappointment that the Dolphins have not been getting recognized by the national media after 3 weeks of impressive football. As this week transitions into week 4, I am not surprised to see the accolades starting to roll in, after all they are playing the Saints on MNF, a...
  7. BenchFiedler

    Falcons Injury - Kroy Biermann and Ewing Land On Injured Reserve

    Kroy Biermann has a torn achilles. Bradie Ewing has a separated shoulder. Both will go on injured reserved. Biermann is a big loss, maybe their best defensive player. We should be able to run the ball and protect Tannehill way better than the previous games. I hate injuries but I have to be...
  8. S

    SI Magazine Promotion Dolphins Jacket

    I received an email with this years promotion for SI Magazine and free jacket. On the website it when you select the Dolphins, it shows the old logo not the new one. I contacted them and they said they do not know if the new logo will be available on the jacket. They told me they would email me...
  9. BenchFiedler

    Injury Bug Around the League!!!! Why are players getting hurt???

    Anyone concerned about these injuries in practice??? I don't remember seeing that many injuries that early in training camp in the past 10 - 15 years. 4 points of concerns: 1. ACL Tear (Most popular) - Victims: Jason Phillips, Jeremy Maclin, Dan Koppen, Victor Butler, Aaron Berry, Melvin...
  10. Geforce

    Mike Wallace vows to be leader for Dolphins

    Read the rest here.,0,2486770.story?track=rss Being a leader will be new for Wallace. I hope he doesn't put too much pressure on himself in trying to be something he is not used to being.
  11. BenchFiedler

    If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best with their best players

    I see some of you are happy that Hernandez is gone to the big house, Gronk is injured and that WR from Cleveland is suspended. We made the playoffs when Brady was injured and we all know what happened when we played that 1st playoff game against the Ravens.. We provided no real competition and...
  12. Nublar7

    FB Vonta Leach to visit Dolphins on Wednesday

    Multiple reports say Leach is going to visit the Dolphins. Miami seems very interested in upgrading the fullback position, and remember that the waiver claim for...
  13. BenchFiedler

    After Stadium Bill Failed - Dolphins to bring Spain and Haiti together at Sun Life

    As some of you may not know, there will be a friendly soccer game at Sun Life Stadium between Haiti and Spain, the reigning European and World Cup champion.This is a great and genius marketing move by the Dolphins and I think it may help with another stadium bill. The game is enjoying enormous...
  14. ikkonz

    Jamar Taylor's Kidney Issue May Have Made Him Slip to #54

    Per Rotoworld/Miami Herald: Very interesting, maybe we got him at better value than expected. Hopefully they're right and his kidney is a non-issue.
  15. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Interesting stat for Jamar Taylor and Boise St.

    Boise St. only gave up 4 touchdowns threw the air in 13 games and obviously that secondary was led by Jamar Taylor!!!! Our defense will be nasty next year!
  16. ikkonz

    Report: Dolphins-Chiefs won't discuss Albert until they make their 1st round picks

    Per Rotoworld: Looks like we are seriously considering a trade up for a tackle. To be honest, if we can get a good deal, I'd be happier getting a young healthy guy in on the line than signing Albert for 9 mil per season.
  17. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Jets Draft Room Compared to Dolphins and Patriots.
  18. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 Last Mock Draft!

    The draft is almost here!!!! This is my last mock and I am gonna go ahead and add trades because I believe we will be very active day 1... I believe we still trade pick 54 to the Chiefs for Albert. Then we will most likely trade back to the Cowboys pick up a 3rd and 5th Then trade pick 42...
  19. LandShark13

    MERGED: New Uniforms Leaked?

    New Uniforms Leaked photo..
  20. TealAttack13

    Newsday: Dolphins Draft Piece Always interested in our coverage in other markets. This paper covers a big Jets/Giants market, so it gives us a fresh look into the draft. Given, they think Long signed with the Bears, but even so, it's worth...
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