1. snake eyes

    Do you think Tannehill has be properly informed on the Jets/Dolphins blood feud?

    After watching Hard Knocks and seeing that Tannehill didnt know the different teams in the different divisions I hope the veterans have schooled the young man on the ongoing Bitter blood Feud between Us and the Pests!!!! He has to represent not to mention the crowd noise from all the South...
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 Post Week 2 Mock Draft!

    Trade- Dansby for a 4th Resign- Reggie Bush RB Brian Hartline WR Sean Smith CB Randy Starks DT Sign- Dwayne Bowe WR Jermon Bushrod T Draft- 1st- Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU or Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia 2nd- Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi State or Xavier Rhodes CB FSU 2nd-Cordarrelle Paterson WR...
  3. snake eyes

    Sure would awesome to have another receiver for the other side of the field!

    Love Hartline he was awesome today I just wish Ireland gave Tannehill a few more weapons. Image this offense in that case!
  4. Quadfather

    I know its rough times...

    But I really hope the stadium doesnt look like the stadium did at the Miami Hurricanes game. That was sad...Come on I hope we are better fans than that!
  5. snake eyes

    i check finheaven every day 2 C what Ireland has done to improve our receivers

    We hear how Ireland wants to find the best receivers for Miami yet as each day passes our best receiver is still our QB Tanehill. When is this masterful plan supposed to happen?
  6. Quadfather

    At least one good thing to look forward to..

    No baseball diamond for the home games in the first month or so of the season! At least we got that going for us...(smug bill murray voice)..
  7. snake eyes

    I think we need to bring back 7/11 even if he cant block!

    Put him on the out side and hope for the best. Also go out and find anybody on the street who is 6'5 and catch. Go get anybody!!!!!! oh yeah and fire Ireland.
  8. snake eyes

    I"m a bit leery of this sudden leak from the F.O. on Ireland.

    Unless Ross is the most incompetent dufus on on the planet, the Texans game should have come as no surprise. Ross never got out in front of it. Suddenly we lose the game the entire world knew we were going to lose and NOW ross leaks his dissatisfaction with Ireland. Something Stinks here. I...
  9. snake eyes

    After Watching other Games today Our Grim reality hit me like a City Bus!

    Yeah Real Revelation right? All of us arm chair GM's knew this team was moving backwards for the last few years under the guidance of Jeff Ireland. But Holy Crap watching the ALL the other teams picks and accuisitons actually pay off on the field made it all to real to me no matter how much I...
  10. snake eyes

    In case you forgot the fans were Booing the Texans in the first half!

    I suspected a blowout from the beginning. I was surprised when the Texans were scratching their heads on how to get their hands on Miami. Of course when the wheels fell off it all went downhill. Almost all the Texans points were attributed to the turnovers. Now with that said there are some...
  11. snake eyes

    Well as you can see History is not on our side this week.

    Well I dont know what the Texans have over us is but its real. You all know we are 0-6 against them home or away and I cant figure it out. I guess a great way to look at it is the we are "Due" Yeah I know a really stupid take but thats about all we have to hang on to because their talent...
  12. snake eyes

    Would a close game sunday 7 pts or fewer be a moral victory for you?

    A shocking win would be amazing and unlikely but if the Dolphins manage a respectable loss will that soothe some of your concerns or is it all about the "Ws"?
  13. BenchFiedler

    Ross v.s Philbin + Ireland - Is there a Power Struggle in Miami

    At the end of last season, Ross wanted a big name coach, a big name playmaker to sell tickets... This Sunday, we still have the same big names on offense and defense (Wake and Bush) When Ross hired Philbin, I'm not sure he knew that Marshall would be released because he does not fit the new...
  14. snake eyes

    Hardknocks. Did you notice that the Turk on Miami did it by phone?

    All of the previous Hardknocks episodes up until the dolphins the "Turk" visited players in person. The dolphins did it by phone. Is it just me that thinks that is Bush League?
  15. snake eyes

    Marshall vs Nana. I know lots of posts about this but I want to show you the #s!

    Ok those of you who will bash me just know this I love it. Im kind of a sadist that way. Now looking at Marshall we all know how productive he was and is, but when you look at NaNa not only do you have to question this team for keeping him but Why the hell he is even in the NFL still. If I...
  16. b0ng

    Dolphins vs Texans week 1 Q&A

    Greetings Dolfans, it seems that another annual tilt pitting the Dolphins and the Texans against each other is upon us again. Judging by reading the forum the last few weeks it appears that most Dolphin fans are not very high on their team this year. Relax! If there is one team in the NFL...
  17. snake eyes

    Preseason is over the season starts next week. NOW your looking at receivers?

    The entire world knew the minute we let Brandon Marshall go that we had NO receivers. So mini camps go by, training camp goes by, the entire preseason goes by and NOW Idiot Ireland gets serious about Receivers???? Yeah yeah, dont tell me about other teams releasing receivers and this is the...
  18. snake eyes

    In 2000 was the Last Time the San Diego Chargers went undefeated. dolphin related.

    So the San Diego Chargers went 4-0 in the 2000 season. Then they went 1-15 the regular season. So I guess we can only hope the opposite happens in the case of the dolphins.
  19. snake eyes

    Tannehill is really a great receiver

    Maybe he can throw it to himself. Well the front office seems to be out of ideas.
  20. snake eyes

    The Entire AFC east has only 1 win in the preseason so far!

    Every other team in every other division has won at least one game. New england has the sole win in the AFC east this pre season. So what can we learn from this? Well probably the New England message boards arent that worried all though as much as brady has been planted on his arse there is...
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