1. 13finfan4ever

    Keep the push for Vets on the O-line

    We may draft a few O-Linemen but i think we need to go after at least 2 more vets for the Line. with about 30 million in cap space left we should be in good position to sink about 12 million more into some vets on the line. take 3-4 million to a corner and save 8 million for the draft. then...
  2. justdev7

    Tom Savage QB Pitt

    I like Pat Devlin but I don't like him as the guy that we're developing long term in the event that T-Hill doesn't continue to progress. I'll be counting down my top Ten QBs iin this class over the next 10 days. And at # 10 I have Tom Savage. Please read and tell me what you think...
  3. matt11390

    Mayock's draft tidbits

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000326391/article/mayock-11-draft-nuggets-entering-the-nfl-combine Some good stuff in there. Seems to think OT's are deep in this class and we could find a starter in rounds 2 and/or 3. This might free us up to take a playmaker in round 1 like Ebron...
  4. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 2014 mock draft

    Resign Brent Grimes CB Paul Soliai DT Tyson Clabo or Bryant Mckinnie OT (Who ever is cheaper) Restructure Dimitri Patterson CB Matt Moore QB Cut Daniel Thomas Free Agents Branden Albert OT Zane Beadles OG Maurice Jones-Drew RB T.J. Ward FS Draft- Trade back a few spots and...
  5. LouPhinFan

    Bridgewater has Declared for the Draft - read this article

    Teddy has declared. Now read this article. It should disspell any incorrect information floating out there about the system he ran here at Louisville and what he was asked to do pre-snap. Bill O'brien will be pounding the table for this guy and Houston will make him their number 1 pick...
  6. Kdawg954

    Mike Sherman vs. Jeff Ireland: If you could only get rid of one, who would it be?

    Just curious to see who the board despises more :lol:
  7. matt11390


    Thought we could discuss the impact of our rookies in last nights game. First, Gillislee, Davis, Thomas, and Sims were all inactive. Sims was injured we know that. But I am extremely disappointed that our third and fifth round picks are not dressing. In particular Davis when we have had so many...
  8. Kdawg954

    Dolphins Starting Lineup featuring missed draft picks over the past 10 years

    So there was a post in the Dez Bryant/Jimmy Graham thread wondering what a list of "potential" Dolphin misses over the past drafts would look like. So I took 45 minutes and had a little fun with it. Went back 10 years from the 2004 NFL Draft to the 2013 NFL draft and redid the draft picks with...
  9. Kdawg954

    Post your Final Roster & Practice Squad Projections

    So we've seen our beloved Dolphins through over a month of camp and 5 preseason games and final cuts are due by 6 p.m. on Saturday. Who do you think makes the roster and who do you believe is worth developing on the practice squad. Here is my projection: Offense (25) QB (3) -...
  10. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Interesting stat for Jamar Taylor and Boise St.

    Boise St. only gave up 4 touchdowns threw the air in 13 games and obviously that secondary was led by Jamar Taylor!!!! Our defense will be nasty next year!
  11. Delphinus

    How about one of these guys with our 7th?

    Personally, I'm thinking Hingle McCringleberry is just the right player to push Egnew. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gODZzSOelss
  12. matt11390

    Anyone feeling a let down?

    With the draft coming to a close I am feeling a big let down. Have spent so much time and energy in the build up to this weekend. Now what? I need one of these:
  13. matt11390

    GIF when you found out we traded up and after the pick

    I thought it would be fun to post a gif representing our first thoughts when we heard Miami traded to the 3 spot and after we found out who Miami picked. I was in shock when I saw the trade and immediately I just knew it was for Lane Johnson. So here is my initial reaction. Here was my...
  14. number1fin

    Dion Jordan answers media questions following draft selection

  15. fanfin

    how does Jordan pick affect the rest of draft?

    How do you think this affects the T position and Albert trade as well as #54,77,82,111,146,166,217,224,250? What positions do you think we will target?
  16. ikkonz

    Report: Dolphins-Chiefs won't discuss Albert until they make their 1st round picks

    Per Rotoworld: Looks like we are seriously considering a trade up for a tackle. To be honest, if we can get a good deal, I'd be happier getting a young healthy guy in on the line than signing Albert for 9 mil per season.
  17. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 Last Mock Draft!

    The draft is almost here!!!! This is my last mock and I am gonna go ahead and add trades because I believe we will be very active day 1... I believe we still trade pick 54 to the Chiefs for Albert. Then we will most likely trade back to the Cowboys pick up a 3rd and 5th Then trade pick 42...
  18. matt11390

    Dang it Mike Mayock and NFL Network

    He just stated on Path to the Draft that the Jets should take Austin at 9 and Eifert at 13! If that happens I will be ticked off. It's bad enough our GM would pick an UN-exciting OL but to see the Jets get those two playmakers would make me turn my tv off. Thoughts?
  19. LouPhinFan

    Announcements You Would NOT Like to Hear on the Draft Dais?

    What Fins related announcements would you NOT like to hear on draft day? I've got 2 to start off with: "The Miami Sperm Whales have traded pick #12, pick #54, pick #77, and pick #82 to the Kansas City Chiefs for pick #1 and pick #170. With the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft the Miami...
  20. nolefin

    why our 2nd round picks are so very important this year.

    just my opinion but our first 2nd round pick is going to get us a 1st round talent, the qb class is not great but its deep with potential and i think teams will start taking chances with manuel, nassib, barkley glennon, bray and wilson in the early 2nd round so at 42 you should have a first...
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