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  1. Kdawg954

    2017 Miami Dolphins Playoffs Scenarios

    Spare me all of the nonsense about what this team can't and won't do. Entering week 14, with 4 games left, Miami still has the slimest of chances to make a push at the playoffs. So I figure I put together a small little road map if anybody is interested: First things first . . . Miami has to...
  2. F

    Thread to get you PUMPED Solo D with the playoff song. Go Fins!!
  3. Kdawg954

    Wednesday 01/04/2017 Practice updates

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 21m21 minutes ago Safety Bacarri Rambo is not practicing today, at least not full. Dolphins safety situation is not great. Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 36m36 minutes ago Jelani Jenkins who has missed three of last four games is practicing today...
  4. F

    Murderers Row playoff

    So this playoff push is literally the "if you want to be the best you have to beat the best" situation. 1st round matchup more than likely will be Pitt who is one of the hottest teams right now and a team nobody wants to face. IF we get past them and I think I speak for everyone when I say...
  5. Kdawg954

    Post Week 15 Playoff Thread (2 Games to Go)

    Miami officially controls their own destiny into the playoffs with 2 weeks to go, thanks to a Denver Broncos loss: Miami can no longer get the 1/2/3/4 seed in the AFC playoffs. New England is your official AFC East division Winner. Can We Clinch Next Week? YES!! If we defeat Buffalo and...
  6. RevDolFan58

    A Real Turning Point

    Being a Dolphin fan sure has its share of ups and downs. From a long-term QB a 1-15 season, from trying to hire a coach while there still is one employed to Bully-gate, we've seen our share of dysfunction. Yesterday we saw our team show true mental toughness, character, and passion...
  7. Kdawg954

    Down 10-0, Tannehill to Offense "Take a Deep Breath, We ARE going to win this game"

    Lets not sugarcoat it, the offense, including Ryan Tannehill, played like crap for 53 minutes. But you have to love Ryan's confidence in gathering his team and staying upbeat and confident and then showing the ability to shake off a bad performance and driving his team down the field with two...
  8. number1fin

    Adam Schein expects big things from the Miami Dolphins
  9. matt11390

    Next 4 Months Will ......

    Determine if we are a pretender or contender. And if Philbin stays or goes! San Diego Detroit Buffalo Denver Stay tuned ....
  10. Adam First


    Time to put up or shut up! @ at Sun Life Stadium Miami Gardens, Florida PLAYOFF CLINCHING SCENARIO IN EFFECT If Miami wins and Baltimore loses, or if Miami and San Diego win, Miami clinches the final spot in the AFC playoffs TELEVISION Kickoff at 1 PM ET INJURY REPORT WEATHER A 40...
  11. Kdawg954

    The Official Playoff Scenario Thread w/ 1 Game Left

    The Official Playoff Scenario Thread w/ 1 Game Left (Updated After Bmore Loss/SD Win) Really didn't care to do one of these this week as I'm seriously disappointed in the overall effort we put out there today, but after the Ravens loss and the Chargers win, things certainly have looked up. One...
  12. Kdawg954

    Official Playoff Scenario Thread w/ 2 Games Left

    Official Playoff Scenario Thread w/ 2 Games Left (Updated After Ravens Win) If you aren't believers in the 2013 Miami Dolphins after winning on the road in Pittsburgh and at home against the New England Patriots to snap a 7 game losing streak, it's time to start believing. Philbin, Tannehill...
  13. jimlerario

    Sun Sentinel Dolphins: Miami controls playoff fate with loss by bengals or ravens

    How is that so?
  14. Kdawg954

    The Official Playoff Scenario Thread w/ 3 Games Left

    I posted this earlier in another thread but I still see posts coming up about playoff scenarios maybe this will help everybody understand the situation with 3 games to go. Here are possible records and how we would look: 7-9 First off . . . there is no way Miami can make it in at 7-9. Let's...
  15. jimlerario

    ravens unbelieveable win..WTF

    was anyone else watching it? after the steelers failed to convert the 4th and ten, I switched over to min-bal game. min scores a TD with 45 seconds left, and go up by 4. and the freaking raven end up scoring a TD from the nine with ten seconds left. that really would have been nice if Minnesota...
  16. Kdawg954

    Ravens vs. Jets . . . Which team losing does us more good?

    At first glance, it would seem obvious that the Jets losing would be a great thing for us . . . but we play them twice and control our own destiny against them whereas Baltimore owns the tiebreak over us so keeping them a game behind would be tremendous as far as attempting to grab the 6th seed...
  17. BenchFiedler

    If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best with their best players

    I see some of you are happy that Hernandez is gone to the big house, Gronk is injured and that WR from Cleveland is suspended. We made the playoffs when Brady was injured and we all know what happened when we played that 1st playoff game against the Ravens.. We provided no real competition and...
  18. Kdawg954

    The Official Scenario for the Dolphins to get into the Playoffs

    So there is definitely alot of confusion about how the Fins can get in. Let's get the MUST things out of the way: First off, Miami MUST defeat the Bills and Pats to finish the season 8-8 Pittsburgh MUST defeat the Bengals this week Both Cincy and Pittsburgh MUST lose in week 17 so both of the...
  19. jimlerario

    Next weeks game very big against 4-3 luck

    they're tied with us in the wild card, along with pittsburgh and the chargers. the chargers lost to the browns and played weak today. if we win that gives us the edge in the wild card and we could get a spot in the playoffs with I say pitssburgh as the other wild card.
  20. Kdawg954

    Fool's Gold? A list of the QB's we will have faced this season and Playoff Chances

    Tom Brady twice Mark Sanchez twice Ryan Fitzpatrick twice Matt Schaub Carson Palmer Kevin Kolb Andy Dalton Sam Bradford Andrew Luck Jake Locker (or Matt Hasselback) Russell Wilson Blaine Gabbert Alex Smith (or Colin Kaepernick) Outside of Brady twice and Matt Schaub . . . is there another QB...
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