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  1. igor79

    2017 #MetLifeTakeover Video

    Just wanted to share with you guys the video from our annual #MetLifeTakeover. I hope most of you guys know by now but the takeover is the party we throw for the Dolphins at Jets game every year. It started with about 30 of us and then 70 and then 200 and then 750 and we have had around 1000...

    Highlight of the 2017 Draft.....

    858145930536726528 Don't ever let the J.E.T.E Jets live this down. :lol::lol::lol:
  3. Kdawg954

    Kdawg's Game Log . . . . Fins @ Jets

    While my good friend hoops takes a requested vacation from the site, I figure I would attempt to fill in for him in his absence. Now I could never come close to giving you the insight that he does on a weekly basis, but I will give my personal take on the game last night. First of all, doesn't...
  4. Kdawg954

    Matt Moore highlights from Jets Win

    That first throw to Gray tho . . . that was a bonafide NFL throw with great ball placement. (NFL won't allow me to embed video, will try to find a different link)
  5. Y

    My best friend is a jet fan (reaction)

    Hi I live in México and my bff is a jest fan, so i taped his reaction al the end of The game... just watch the video and enjoy GO PHINS!!!
  6. phins_4_ever

    OC Gailey: Jets starting QB is...

    ...Geno Smith. :lol:
  7. VaPhinatic

    Rodgers to Jets done deal according to Omar

    Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly 11m11 minutes ago The deal with Kacy Rodgers is officially done. Jets apparently announced the move as well.
  8. MD

    Geno: I Have Shown Flashes of Pro Bowl Caliber

  9. igor79

    2014 #MetLifeTakeover!

    Hopefully you guys have heard of the #MetLifeTakeover by now... If not it's a big group trip to the Jets vs Dolphins game in NJ organized by our fan club DolfansNYC. Last year we had 751 Dolphins fans sitting together in two sections! If you watched the game at home you could hear us on TV...
  10. Kdawg954

    Ravens vs. Jets . . . Which team losing does us more good?

    At first glance, it would seem obvious that the Jets losing would be a great thing for us . . . but we play them twice and control our own destiny against them whereas Baltimore owns the tiebreak over us so keeping them a game behind would be tremendous as far as attempting to grab the 6th seed...
  11. finomenal

    POLL:What week will the ****y Sanchez get the start over Dirty Sanchez?

    My prediction? The Jets are 2-5 and Dirty Sanchez fizzles out in week 7 after a clubbing by the Patsies at home. The ****y Sanchez takes the reins in week 8. It doesn't matter that the ****y Sanchez is raw. He's not worse than Tebow, and look what they did with him?
  12. J

    How many QB´s you need to fly a Jet....??

    looks like they need six, this is not a a thread i just wana hear your best NY Jets Jokes even your best stinky Bills jokes and your best pat´s joke...cause this year we are going to kill them all!!!
  13. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Jets Draft Room Compared to Dolphins and Patriots.
  14. MD

    ***The Clown Show Memorial Thread***

    It is only fitting that there is a thread to recap what will probably be remembered as the most pathetic cluster**** of a season in the history of the NFL. A small spot in cyber space to fondly remember what could never possibly repeat itself. Of course I am talking about the 2012 New York Jets...
  15. Kdawg954

    The Official Scenario for the Dolphins to get into the Playoffs

    So there is definitely alot of confusion about how the Fins can get in. Let's get the MUST things out of the way: First off, Miami MUST defeat the Bills and Pats to finish the season 8-8 Pittsburgh MUST defeat the Bengals this week Both Cincy and Pittsburgh MUST lose in week 17 so both of the...
  16. igor79

    A Video To Remind Us Of The Good Old Days (Two Weeks Ago)

    The New York City Dolphins Fan Club - Dolfans NYC has been getting a lot of press recently after our huge tailgate at the Jets game. If you don't know Stephen Ross came to our tailgate and it seems a lot of cool things have been happening since then. We have raised close to $1500 for hurricane...
  17. N

    Jets gave up vs Dolphins. By 4th quarter, they weren't trying to win.

    Going into the 4th quarter, the Jets were down by 24 points. It would have been a huge longshot to comeback, but it's doable. In order to have a chance, the Jets would have to go hurry up, throw on nearly every down, and work the sidelines. Instead, the Jets decided to run the ball, throw...
  18. MD

    Hey Jets and Jet Fans!!

    You got two weeks to think about that. Enjoy your bye week you irrelevant bitches.
  19. number1fin

    We are doomed - Dante Cano wants Jets to win

    Let me preface this by saying this child appears to be a good youngster and I have no real beef with him. But, I happen to truly believe in symbolism. The name Dante means everlasting fire. One must ask, why was he appointed to be Grand Marshal of the Jets vs Dolphins game? Dante, a self...
  20. snake eyes

    Seriously? The Jets players are talking trash after that game?

    Calvin Pace and Clyde Gates are talking Smack after being handed a game that neither team appeared to want to win yesterday? If your Arizona and you go into The Pat's and beat them in the home opener for the first time in 10 years you can talk smack. If your Houston and you dismember the...
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