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  1. The Goat

    Will The Dolphins be Buyers at the Trade Deadline?

    When the Dolphins restructured Jason Sanders’ contract, it made me tilt my head and think a little, and ask just one question: “Why?” There was legitimately no reason to restructure his contract aside from one reason: They want more cap space in-season. So…why do they want more cap space...
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Price to trade up?

    Let’s say Miami chose to trade up from the 51st overall pick to around the 40th overall pick to draft Mayer or Washington if they were still on the board. What do you guys think the price tag to move up to around there would be? I think our 2nd and 3rd would be more than enough to trade up to...

    Could Rowe be trade candidate?

    With Rowe being a healthy scratch right before the trade deadline, I wonder if the Dolphins have a deal in place?
  4. Fin_Frenzy_84

    2022 Miami Dolphins QB....

    Well we all need to prepare ourselves for Watson rumors this offseason yet again.... I understand making a move for Watson would be a huge move since it could finally bring a legitimate pro bowl QB to Miami for years to come. I understand Tua still is young with potential and he hasn't had...
  5. R

    What about Julio Jones?

    I saw it trending on Twitter that the Falcons are looking to trade Julio Jones. What if the Dolphins make an offer? I think with the money owed and the age you aren’t looking at throwing a first and I really believe the fins have the capital to make it happen. Maybe next years second and a...
  6. DolfanDaveInMI

    ESPN proposed Dolphins trade for Russell Wilson

    ESPN's Bill Barnwell has an article outlining potential trade packages for Russell Wilson from four teams, including Miami. For Miami, we would acquire Wilson in exchange for Tua, picks #18 and #81 this year, and next year's first. If you're in Chris Grier's shoes, are you taking the deal?
  7. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Potential Trade Idea...

    I’m sure the Raiders are willing to make some trades and there have been some rumors of them possibly wanting Howard. If Miami is sold on Murray, I feel they can offer Howard and the 13th pick for the Raiders 4th pick.
  8. Tailgun

    Can't Believe We Didn't Close The Deal For Ronald Darby

    He looked very good in the preseason and now sitting here watching the Eagles on opening night he looks fantastic in all this press man coverage. I'm beginning to think even if they wanted a 3rd rounder we should have closed the deal...
  9. Kdawg954

    Miami Dolphins will regret trusting wallet, not eyes, on Jarvis Landry

    Continue reading @ Really good article by Dave George. Whether you want Landry here or not, if the reason is just a couple million AAV, considering other...
  10. pacresjt

    IMO Parker just got Landry his Contract

    After watching Parker under deliver for 3 seasons, his inability to play through a season; I think he’s put the Icing on the cake for Landry’s extension. His last two games showing unreliability, lack of separation, lack of ability to battle for the ball and letting balls slip through his hands...

    Player reactions to Ajayi being traded...

    Sure this will start to fill up throughout the day...
  12. VaPhinatic

    We lost more cap space by restructuring Ellerbe ...

    ...before the trade. "By restructuring Ellerbe's contract before trading the linebacker to the New Orleans Saints last Friday the Dolphins...

    TRADE THOUGHTS with Tampa

    Would you be willing to make a trade with Tampa Bay: Miami receiving Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin Tampa Bay Receiving 2015 2nd round draft pick Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson
  14. Kdawg954

    Miami Marlins GM: Stanton, McGehee not on the trading block On Stanton: "He ain't going nowhere" On McGehee: "He ain't going nowhere, either" In all seriousness, even if it doesn't happen before the July 31st deadline, we've seen this...
  15. L

    Fins draft day trade options.

    With the 19th pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Dolphins have a few options (IMO) to consider. Here are my draft day scenarios that i could see playing out. If Bortles and Manziell are taken before they pick. Minnesota at #8 could move back to 19 and grab Bridgewater who will still be available...
  16. number1fin

    Trade Matt Moore to the Rams for something

    Sam Bradford is out for the year with a torn acl. I know Ryan Tannehill could be lost for the season any game now himself. But frankly I'd rather see what Pat Devlin can do if it comes down to that. Thoughts?
  17. matt11390

    Any Bess Updates

    With us entering the middle of the draft and the possibility of trading Bess for at least one middle round pick, was wondering if anyone has heard anything today. It has gotten extremely quite on this. With Cleveland picking a DE in round one they should still be open to the trade.
  18. nolefin

    why our 2nd round picks are so very important this year.

    just my opinion but our first 2nd round pick is going to get us a 1st round talent, the qb class is not great but its deep with potential and i think teams will start taking chances with manuel, nassib, barkley glennon, bray and wilson in the early 2nd round so at 42 you should have a first...
  19. matt11390 first round trade discussion This discussion centers on who might be trading up in the first round. Miami is at the center of it when they discuss tackles and some when they discuss CB's. Intersting talk for sure. They...
  20. U

    Ireland should shop Moore

    I really have been calling for this since we knew he wouldn't be the starter. Devlin has shown he is ready to take the back-up roll (which will further advance his development in practice) and soon injuries will likely have some teams around the league looking for a QB. If we can get a pick or...
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