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  1. Charlie Rivers

    Grade McD: Last Season...

    Grade coach on his calls last season, and leave your comments. Curious.
  2. Built2Win

    What Is The Possibility Of A Big Name Coach Coming To Miami?

    The odds seem slim i know. But Ross has money and i know he wants to at least show dolphin fans he is on the right track. The raiders broke the bank for Chucky. They gave up way too much but at least their fans have optimism moving forward. Could a potential big name be lurking under the radar...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Someone Has To Get Fired Tomorrow

    After this humiliating loss to the Ravens, someone has to be held accountable. We got dominated in all 3 phases of the game. I'm sure Ross the businessman is all about making money and he knows that stadium will be empty next time the Dolphins play at home. I don't care if it's the Asian...
  4. D

    In game adjustments

    Hmmmmm, I don't know maybe guarding Sammy Watkins should of been a priority. Call me nuts butt would think after Watkin's third catch you'd think the defensive staff would want to limit what he does. But why do that
  5. matt11390

    What About GM

    With such a huge thread about a new head coach we need to start with the GM. Will Ross keep Hickey if Philbin goes or will Ross send both packing?
  6. BenchFiedler

    WOW - One Week Philbin's a Hero, The next week He's a zero!!!! Come on Fans

    How can u guys switch so easily from love to hate and hate to love week after week??? The truth is that, we are not a playoffs team and I don't know why you would want the Dolphins to be humiliated like in the playoffs with this O-Line!!!! What I see is high hopes for next year, this team has...
  7. matt11390

    Peter King on Dan Patrick

    Was listening to the Dan Patrick show today and Peter King was speaking about John Gruden. He said Gruden would come back to coaching next year if he is offered by a team that has a QB he feelshe can win with and that offers him lots of money. King specifically mentioned Dallas and Houston...
  8. MegaFinz

    There is something special about Joe Philbin.

    I am not sure what it is but i can feel it so stongly. I dont think its Hard Knocks completly that makes me feel this way cause i had it long before the show started. I like his demeanor and the way he carries himself, the way he handles the team, he is soft spoken but he commands respect. I...
  9. snake eyes

    You gotta think his college coach knows something right?

    Seems to be they have been waiting for this all off season so why not have some faith in his college coach to know what he can do? Call me an optimist.
  10. catch22

    Our team was in a downward spiral. Until the announcement of Philbin: Looking Up

    I have noticed one trend from the local and national media coverage as a whole for the last few months: It was peppered with bits of hope then followed by tons of negativity, ... Until the day Joe Philbin was hired. The low point for me as a fan was the day Mike Nolan left. Fast forward a few...
  11. snake eyes

    Joe Philbin is 50?

    Compared to other 50 year old guys he sure looks old. And Im looking at pictures before the unfortunate incident with his son. Dude has a lot a miles on him.
  12. MegaFinz

    Philbin or Fisher?

    just curious who out there would of still liked to of had Fisher instead of Philbin. Im all for Philbin :hclap: your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.
  13. matt11390

    If McCoy is hired could we see Orton come here after all?

    Was doing a little reading on McCoy since I know nothing about him. Came across the below paragraph from McCoy's Wikipedia site. Below the paragraph is the link to entire page. Kyle Orton's contarct with KC is up isn't it? Could McCoy bring in Orton and revitalize his career? National...
  14. A

    What Are You Looking For in the New HC?

    With so many applicants interviewing for our head coaching position, I was wondering what some of you were looking for in our new head coach, or who do you think it should be? I know there isn't a recipe for the perfect head coach, so please don't bash the thread for that. We've seen it all...
  15. matt11390

    My opinion on who I would hire as the new staff

    Zimmer - HC Clements - OC Bowles - DC Toub - ST / assistant HC What do you think?
  16. matt11390

    Any news on the secret coaching candidate this weekend?

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere but I haven't seen it. Any word on who was interviewed this weekend for Miami?
  17. matt11390

    Gripes from coaches about in season moves Apparently coaches around the league are upset that McDaniels went from the last place Rams to the first place Patriots while the season is still on going for the Pats. I don't get the complaining...
  18. matt11390

    Discuss Chuck Pagano of the Ravens

    I posted this in one of Hayden's posts but thought it needed to be it's own topic as not to hijack Hayden's post. One name I read on Friday night that is RUMORED, I stress this word, to be on the list of interviews is Chuck Pagano, the DC with the Ravens. I have followed this guy since his DC...
  19. jtoomuch

    This is making us look dumb.

    I think this is looking pathetic. Look, I know it is not the same thing, but would you want to marry a girl that was having a hell of a time deciding between you and some other guy? It makes us weak. I want a coach who thinks that coaching the Miami Dolphins is the greatest job in the world...
  20. Perfect72

    Winston Moss ? Bio
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