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  1. BenchFiedler

    What about that CFL DE Dolphins signed

    First of all, I don't see any reasons to panic!!! We let Vernon and Shelby walk but what about that CFL guy we signed recently.. My intuition tells me this guy can be a star in the NFL like Wake and he has more upsides than Wake right now. We upgraded LB with Alonso and the secondary might be...
  2. matt11390

    Where's our OL improvements?

    Miami has spent 3 days on the chaotic deal with Philly while cutting some players and signing Williams. That's all good but if they don't shore up the OL IMO everything else will be for nothing especially after losing Miller. Miami needs two starting guards. I have read about Boone being favored...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Mario Williams can improve both OL & DL

    We have to let Vernon walk.. He is not the greatest run-stopper and I would say a little bit inconsistent. If we sign Williams, imagine this O-line practicing everyday against Suh & Williams - the best in the business.... Just watch Buffalo play last year and you will see why Williams is still...
  4. BenchFiedler

    IMO - Dolphins thought Watkins would be Inactive

    The only logical explanation to this Watkins mess - Dolphins coaches did not gameplan for him because they thought he was too injured to play. He was probably the only WR who caught passes from T. Taylor. Even Clay had a bad game and we had a good plan to stop him (I see a little Campbell...
  5. BenchFiedler

    Let's bring in Schwartz

    At least, he has experience on how to use Suh and he knows defense. We could maximize our return on this 100 million Suh investment.... Right now since the new head coach is talking about a culture change, let's bring Schwartz aboard....
  6. Miamifinz

    Dolphins coaches trying to fix Suh's QB throwing mechanics (satire) This Sunday sucked but this got a chuckle out of me.
  7. BenchFiedler

    How to Beat buffalo!!!

    Last week, we saw how New England was able to come back and win the game.. So how do we beat Buffalo On Offense 1. We need a QB - Check ✓ 2. We need a running game - Not check 3. We need a TE to keep their defense honest - Cameron injured - Not check 4. We need WR to win one-on-one battles -...
  8. BenchFiedler

    The Case for drafting Marcus Peters vs. DeVante Parker

    First of all, I'm not saying that DeVante parker is a bust or will be a bust... But at the time of the draft, we were already loaded at WR and we wanted to improve this defense who choked last year vs Detroit, Denver, etc.. Several mock drafts had the Dolphins drafting Marcus Peters and CB was...
  9. BenchFiedler

    How do We fix that Chop Blocking Scheme???

    We all know the NFL has become more of a copycat league than ever before.. Whatever the Redskins did to stop or slow down one of the most talented D-lines in the league, every team will try to do the same. We already lost Vernon to this ridiculous Chop block scheme... How many more will be lost...
  10. BenchFiedler

    Koa Misi - Not Dependable AT ALL

    Misi is just like the Cowboys version of Sean Lee. Very talented but always injured...I mean always. I have not yet read a report where Misi had a full week of practice without being held out because he is injured. Last year was a disaster at the LB position and this year we cannot depend on...
  11. MD

    Nickname for the Defense

    Normally I don't get into nicknames but I thought this was pretty creative and wanted to pass it on. I read a tweet on my timeline that was originated by Lazaro Montecruz naming the defense "The Natural Disasters" featuring "The Suhnami" and "Earthwake." Even Kurt Warner liked it. :lol: Not to bad.
  12. BenchFiedler

    What They Have in The Tank???

    I understand the dolphins traded/cut older players to get younger ones (Wallace/Stills trade). We are top 5 as one of the NFL's youngest team. But we also have some veterans and I wanted your opinion if they still could play at a high level and what they had left in the tank... Cam Wake (33 yrs...
  13. F

    Need to keep Starks

    I know it's been rumored Starks will be a Cap casualty but this would be a huge mistake. Suh is indeed a force but he also was playing besides another very good DT in Fairley. This tandem is what made Detroit #1 in the league against the run and helped pave the way to having one of the best...
  14. BenchFiedler

    Analyzing the best FA of 2015 (Suh)

    Suh is definitely an upgrade over Randy Starks, Odrick, and Earl Mitchell. He is definitely the best defensive Tackle in the NFL. But this is what I can call an addition by subtraction. 1. Financially, I don't believe we can afford Suh at 15 to 16 million a year when we have other needs at LB...
  15. utahphinsfan

    3 players to consider at #14

    1) Eli Harold UVa. Someone from Charlotesville will be ethically sound and smart. Frankly IMO, there aren't enough of those types in pro athletics. I understand he did quite well at the combine. He is listed as DE; could make the conversion to SLB? If not, rotate he & Dion at both. 2) Landon...
  16. VaPhinatic

    Rodgers to Jets done deal according to Omar

    Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly 11m11 minutes ago The deal with Kacy Rodgers is officially done. Jets apparently announced the move as well.
  17. T

    Saints bench 2013 1st-round SS Kenny Vaccaro

    The Saints have benched second-year SS Kenny Vaccaro. It's the latest shoe to drop in New Orleans. The Saints promised changes after Carolina blew New Orleans' doors off in Week 13 at the Superdome. But Vaccaro has certainly earned the benching. He's Pro Football Focus' 84th-ranked safety out...
  18. BenchFiedler

    The Real Problem of 2014 Dolphins - Consistency

    There is no doubt that we have the talent and we showed up to play against the big boys (Denver, GB) and almost beat them. But this team is not consistent enough. Sometimes I watch this team, mostly after the Chargers game, I thought we had something special going on down there in Miami. I...
  19. BenchFiedler

    Offense Still Predictable (even without "GO GO GO")

    Unless teams have studied the dolphins' offense during the preseason games, Patriots and bills game, there are reasons to be concerned. I noticed that opposing defenses are always making the right calls when we run or pass. It it a coincidence? Brian Hartline makes this offense also...
  20. VaPhinatic

    Coyle Today (9/15): Jordan & Jones not in game plan this week....

    I wonder why? James Walker ‏@JamesWalkerNFL 10m Dolphins DC Kevin Coyle said he doesn't consider suspended DE Dion Jordan and S Reshad Jones in the game plan this wk unless it's necessary.
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