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  1. matt11390

    Todd McShay just said how he loved the Vernon pick

    On ESPN commented he though Vernon was going to go in the 2nd round and Miami made a great pick. At least someone has a positive spin on it. I personally like it seeing who was left at the DE position.
  2. matt11390


    Amazingly after 13 picks not one has gone off the board. Gotta believe a run on them will be coming soon. Hope Miami gets one in round 2.
  3. NyPhan23

    Richard Marshall at CB

    One thing mentioned this morning that I feel has been overlooked a bit is Philbin claiming that Richard Marshall will be used as a CB. From everything I've read, this is not Marshall's strongest position. Draft smokescreen (could we be hiding that we intend to draft CB semi-high)? Any chance...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Sherman & Mangini - Realistic or Fiction???

    This is my wish list of course but I think it is realistic to hire these 2 former head coaches to surround Philbin. We all know that Mangini can be an excellent DC and Sherman has tons of experience and could be a good OC. I remember watching on TV a scouting report from the 49ers on Roman...
  5. matt11390

    Discuss Chuck Pagano of the Ravens

    I posted this in one of Hayden's posts but thought it needed to be it's own topic as not to hijack Hayden's post. One name I read on Friday night that is RUMORED, I stress this word, to be on the list of interviews is Chuck Pagano, the DC with the Ravens. I have followed this guy since his DC...
  6. phinfan13

    Our Defense is not anywhere near Elite

    Although our Defense has played better over the last several games (especially during the three wins) and putting aside the fact that we should never have been in a close game situation to begin with, today was the third time this year that Our D allowed a team to drive down the field for either...
  7. Kdawg954

    It is What it is

    I'm just on cruise control with this team . . . hope they do well, not expecting it and I'm comforted with the losing by knowing a solid QB class seems to be in the works for the 2012 draft . . . but you better believe its gonna take alot more than "Luck" to turn this thing around. Last night...
  8. phinasota


    Well on the positive side our D actually looks like a D tonight!! haha
  9. C

    Something stands out about that benny sapp play.....

    Nobody has really mentioned this and if they did sorry i missed it. It isnt the fact that Benny missed the welker tackle but when he fell down he stayed there and layed there on the ground and continued to watch him run. Even if he couldnt catch him he still should have got his as s off the...
  10. Kdawg954

    Reshad Jones

    Is it me, or did he just have a terrible game? He took bad angles the entire night, he was slipping, he was out of position and the one chance to show his ball skills he didn't pick the ball and take it 100 yards. Truthfully, I'm not going to rewatch that game last night so I'll let others...
  11. C

    Oh No! We suck. AGAIN! Wow!

    :crazy:What happened to our defense? Man it feels just like December of last year.
  12. BenchFiedler

    Koa Misi - No pressure v.s. 2nd and 3rd strings OL

    Misi gets a lot of love around here.. But watching his pathetic pass rush against 2nd and 3rd string OL made me sick. The game is on at 8pm on NFL Network - Watch him with your own eyes.. At one point against Dallas, he couldn't beat a RB and he is our starter on defense... Not sure why this...
  13. BenchFiedler

    Pass Defense???

    This is ridiculous, I mean ridiculous to say that the pass defense is terrible... How many completions the secondary allowed throughout 3 games? We had good to great coverage most of the game and Williams, Winslow didn't do much last night. I see we have a defense who lacks discipline up...
  14. RockyMtnPhinfan

    Our starting Defense was off the field before the second touchdown

    I am sitting here watching the replay and BEFORE the second touchdown was even scored our starting defense was off the field. The sky is NOT falling, this is preseason yall. Fields is playing nose and Edds and Spitler are playing ILB during the second drive that scored. No big deal, but i am...
  15. BenchFiedler

    Henne this, Henne that..... Anyone worried about Sean Smith???

    The whole focus/attention of training camp is on Chad Henne who's having a great camp based on several reports... Now based on the same reports, Sean Smith (fan's favorite) is not having a good camp so far and is getting toasted by Marshall, Gates, etc.... Oh yeah, also getting run over by...
  16. BenchFiedler

    Should we cut Crowder?

    This guy Crowder... His mouth plays a bigger game off the field than him on the field. He cannot cover a TE even if his life depended on it... He's not reliable anymore as he's always injured.. He doesn't play on special teams...Oh, did I mention that he has NO coverage skills... Why...
  17. W

    Bring back Mcdaniels and sign kiwanuka

    Mcdaniels was a handful when on the field. He is young and tall and very strong. He was being a problem in teams side when he was in for us. I think if Soliai doesn't pan out this kid can maybe anker us with Starks. Wi him I feel championship ankers up front. mathias kiwanuka this kid has...
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