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  1. F

    heavy ob offense in FA... defense in draft

    Is anyone else hoping we go this route? At first I was hoping for eifert in the first then go defense but with Cook on the market, I'm changing my hopes for this offseason. It would be great to get a Wallace/Jennings as well as Cook. Cook is a great pass catching TE and a redzone threat we...
  2. MadDog 88

    Starks NOT Tagged

    Joe Rose just confirmed that Randy Starks has not been tagged. Someone took an unreliable source and ran with it as fact. Sorry guys. Starks is still a pending FA.
  3. matt11390

    Good article on FA DE's This is from and lists all the available DE's in FA. I like they are sorted in groups. Honestly after Johnson, who got tagged, None of them really excite me. iMO we might be better...
  4. MadDog 88

    Falcons to Release Robinson, Turner, Abraham

    John Abraham, Dunta Robinson and Michael Turner will be released by the Falcons later today per NFL AM. I would be on the phone to Abraham's agent as he is still a formidable pass rush option.
  5. RockyMtnPhinfan

    Anyone think we should just leave WR free agency alone and DRAFT our new WR's?

    With all of the talk about Wallace and Jennings and how much they will cost, can't some people agree that maybe we should just invest in the future and go with two high draftees this year, R. Matthews, Bess and Hartline for our WR corps? Some points supporting this i believe are: -These draftees...
  6. matt11390

    Can we afford to do this in FA and the draft?

    Here's an article from It is a write up about underrated FA's. was thinking about this. *resign of our own: Hartline, Long, Clemons, and Starks *sign other FA's: Keller...
  7. F

    FA and first thee rounds. quick fix.

    Ok so I have posted this in a couple forums but I'd like to see what you guys think. My ideal offseason would be as follows. .. Re-sign Clemons and Long. This of course is as long as Long isnt trying to break the bank. Then sign Wallace in free agency. Now you focus on draft. 1st round-...
  8. matt11390

    How to make Miami a winner again

    There is tremendous debate about what to do with all our FA's. who should we keep and who should we let go. All the debate has got me thinking about the bottom line question. How does Miami become a winner again? There are 3 basic approaches. 1) resign some of our FA's, add some FA's from other...
  9. catch22

    Ranking the AFC East teams based on 2013 off-season potential - Who will improve?

    I wanted to get a snapshot of which teams in the AFC east have the most potential to improve in the 2013 season based on cap room, draft picks, team needs that can be filled and the teams 2012 performance/coaching and carryover momentum from 2012. I compiled the data and made my own rankings...
  10. snake eyes

    Dont forget free agency round 2.

    A lot of you guys act like if we dont get it in the draft we wont get it. There will be more trades and acquisitions made this summer. I believe Philbin when he says he has a plan. Most guys drafted end up bagging groceries in Publix after a year anyway.
  11. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Step away from the ledge (Mock Draft)

    Sign Anthony Collins and Manny Lawson We still should restructure some contracts Trade back in the first and add another 2nd and a 4th... 1st- Trade for Mike Wallace 2nd-Coby Fleener TE Stanford 2nd-Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers 3rd-Brian Quick WR App. State 3rd-Brandon Mosley RT Auburn...
  12. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Key free agents

    Just wondering what free agents are still out there that could make a instant impact?
  13. jimlerario

    Manning officially not coming to Miami in my mind(sources)

    On top of the recent news of miami in contract negotiations with Flynn, on phinatic, it says that it is a two team race with Denver and Tennessee also I was searching the web and I read that Miami wasn't prepared for the meeting and that it went bad. Also many are saying manning to Denver is...
  14. DcRy82

    If Fins sign starting RG/RT, DE/OLB, and FS via FA. Would you trade up for RG3?

    I know that some people don't like RG3 at all. I think some people would like to have him, but not give up the necessary draft picks (which is the category I fall in). And I think some people would trade everything for him no matter what. So my question is mostly to those who are leery of...
  15. utahphinsfan

    Players I'd like to poach from the Pats Green-Ellis, Mark Anderson, Ihedigbo, & possibly K Faulk. It should go w/o saying that only if the price is right. Here is a incredible long shot...... Heinz Ward if he actually is released. Thoughts?
  16. W

    Fins sitting pretty on $15.8 mil cap space So many possibilities this off-season. Where do we spend this money? Should we even spend the money just for the sake of it? Do we focus more on offense or defense? Will QB be...
  17. W

    Stevie Johnson #2 WR?

    He's a dynamic playmaker with the ability to stretch the field and get in the end zone. He does bring a somewhat immature mentality that could cost us games. But under the leadership of Brandon Marshall, I truly believe that he would flourish here and could be a major off season addition to the...
  18. Fin_Frenzy_84

    If Manning does come to Miami....

    Yes yes I know another manning thread lol I just been wondering if manning does come to Miami then would that also bring Wayne to Miami also?
  19. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Miami Dolphins Salary

    If we let Langford,Solai,and Carey walk and cut Bell, how much money could we have? Also is there any other players we may cut for money?
  20. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Mock draft 1-23-12

    Resign Kendall Langford DE Cut Yeremiah Bell SS Sign Matt Flynn QB Robert Meachem WR Dashon Goldson FS Draft I would first try and trade down but this mock is without trading down 1st-Riley Reiff OT Iowa 2nd-Coby Fleener TE Stanford 3rd-Coryell Judie CB Texas A&M 5th-Shea...
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