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  1. Blake the great

    For those who didnt want Peyton Manning to MIA

    You are all idiots
  2. O

    Now dolphins will start to make moves in fa........

    With the Fins now out of the Manning madness all that money they have been holding in reserve will now be spent. I think we will finally see more movement in FA by the fins inthe coming days and start to fill some of the needs this team has.:hclap:
  3. jimlerario

    Manning officially not coming to Miami in my mind(sources)

    On top of the recent news of miami in contract negotiations with Flynn, on phinatic, it says that it is a two team race with Denver and Tennessee also I was searching the web and I read that Miami wasn't prepared for the meeting and that it went bad. Also many are saying manning to Denver is...
  4. T

    We should have hired Bill Polian!

    If we had hired Polian I think Manning would respect our front office more and maybe we would have a better shot at signing him. Even if he were just a consultant. O well...:confused:
  5. MegaFinz

    Manning will not be a Dolphin if......

    all he cares about is the path of least resistence to win another super bowl.If that is so important to him that he will go to a team because of their weak division or schedule then SEE YA. Hey atleast his brother Eli is not scared of Brady and the Pats.Also reports are indicating that its not...
  6. snake eyes

    Ok this is just stupid now!

    Every local market that Manning is looking at has their "Sources" that he is 95 percent sure that he (manning) will play in City X Y or Z. It's embarrassing. I wish we would just publicly say we are OUT. And pursue Flynn and focus on the Draft. No matter what happens with Mannings Future...
  7. catch22

    Imagine if you were Peyton Manning in this situation...

    ...would you have signed with Miami (or Denver) before even checking your other possible options/leveraging for the best deal??? Did many of you guys honestly think Peyton was going to sign in Miami without testing the water elsewhere first. Seriously????? Calm down guys, we'll get a chance...
  8. dolfin530

    Peyton Manning will play for.........

    I created a chart to figure out, percentage wise, what team would be the best for manning. I gave percentage grades on offensive line, weapons, whether, defense, and coaches. The offensive line was hard for me to figure out. It would be hard for me to explain how I got the percentages. Do you...
  9. nolefin

    what ireland needs to go ahead and do is..

    put it out that miami likes flynn and tannyhill, manning will probably screw us so we need a good backup plan so we don t look like idiods again when we get screwed again. the last thing we need is flynn going to the browns.
  10. snake eyes

    What if the Fix is already in ALA Lebron?

    What if Manning is in the bag and he is just touring the other sites just to save face? Washington is out, The jets are out, I really dont see Houston benching Schaub(sp) Airizona is NFC so that's out so its either Denver (Cold) or Miami> Hmmm. Maybe it was in the bag the whole time...
  11. mattgilm

    Most people are worried about Mannings arm strength but my main concern is..........?

    I am sure Manning will regain most of his arm strength and his accuracy has never been a problem but a huge concern should be how he will take a hit. When Manning gets drilled into the turf at full speed and he lands on his shoulder and neck area what will happen? Can he still really take a hit...
  12. snake eyes

    Manning would be the wrong move for miami

    Look Manning is a risk, flynn would be an investment in the future. There are too many things that can go wrong with Manning. His neck, his arm, he's old all the pieces have to fit, the system has to be right. And after all that if it all goes well Look at all the great qb's last year who were...
  13. snake eyes

    Face it gang we have been here before. This aint gonna happen.

    Sorry but this has that feeling written all over it. Sure go ahead and bash me and blast me but Ross has never been able to pull the trigger when he needed to and we have all been excited just to be crushed. I'm telling you be carefull lest you be sorely disappointed:tubes:.
  14. nolefin

    we could save almost 12 mill buy cuting these 6 players

    1.bell 4.35 mill 2.mcdaniel 3.0 mill 3.garner 1.45 mill 4.clemons 1.30 mill 5.cook 1.01 mill 6.culver 850k we already have 13m in cap space add this 12m to it and we have roughly 25m in cap space. need about 7 mill for rookies so we got 18m for free agency, this doesnt count restructuring long...
  15. miamifin12345

    Manning to Miami eerily similar to Culpepper Fiasco

    I see a lot of similarities between bringing Manning to Miami and the Daunte Culpepper fiasco lets not forget how good Daunte was before he got injured, and how bad he was when he wore the Aqua. So then it begs the question who is the Drew Brees in this comparison?? Could it be Matt Flynn...
  16. M

    Curious.. Would It Change Your Mind?

    We haven't heard a leak at all, whether Philbin feels that Flynn is the real deal and how bad, at all, he may want him. How would you guys feel if behind-the-scenes ... Philbin is 110% wanting Flynn and willing to tie his tenure to signing him? Is that enough to opt for him over Manning? If...
  17. T

    Who does Manning remind you in this pic?

    Hint: He would hate having Manning on his team because he can´t punt!:chuckle:
  18. MD

    Bob Kravitz: Peyton Would Really Like To Go To Miami

    Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star was just on the NFLN and let out he and Manning have had several "top secret" talks in which Manning said he really would like to the Dolphins. Warren Sapp thinks Manning will sign quickly so he can grab the playbook and get started.
  19. catch22

    Who else thinks it's going to come down to Miami and Arizona? :Manning Breakdown

    Teams other than MIA and AZ likely in the race: Jets: NO NO NO. Reasons: Rex Ryan's mouth, Play in same city and share stadium with Eli(nope), The team is in discord, they'd basically have to cut and run on Sanchez and admit they were wrong to move up and Its damn cold! do I have to list...
  20. Fin_Frenzy_84

    How long till Manning signs?

    Thoughts? Predictions? Hopefully he will be a fin soon!
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