1. number1fin

    *number1fin's take, state of the address*

    What I witnessed tonight was a straight up travesty! On the real though, we should've known this year was just a trail & error learning experience for our rookie QB. But we all got caught up in the hype. I must say this for the record, Ryan Tannehill is not clutch when it matters most and...
  2. Kdawg954

    Coaching Hypothetical: RT starts, struggles, Fins down at Half . . . What do u do?

    So it's pretty simple. With the success a healthy Matt Moore played with last week and with the Dolphins seemingly going the route of Ryan Tannehill this week (who looked a bit inaccurate prior to getting hurt last week) . . . if Miami comes out flat on offense, Tannehill struggles and they are...
  3. Kdawg954

    Fool's Gold? A list of the QB's we will have faced this season and Playoff Chances

    Tom Brady twice Mark Sanchez twice Ryan Fitzpatrick twice Matt Schaub Carson Palmer Kevin Kolb Andy Dalton Sam Bradford Andrew Luck Jake Locker (or Matt Hasselback) Russell Wilson Blaine Gabbert Alex Smith (or Colin Kaepernick) Outside of Brady twice and Matt Schaub . . . is there another QB...
  4. ciscoholgate

    Marino/Tannehill Comparison: First 6 starts

    Just for fun since the Dolphins got the 'W' today and we have a week off, I thought I'd post the first 6 starts of the legend and the rookie: Dan the Man: 101 comp. - 181 att. (55.8%) , 1318 yards (7.28 yards per attempt), 12 TDs, 4 INTs, 8 sacks taken, 4-2 record, 91.8 QB Rating Tannehill...
  5. 16phinsrfast

    3 years...SUPERBOWL.

    First off, I haven't been on this board in a really long time, and it pains me to say its taken a turn for the worse as far as knowledgeable fans are concerned. It is however refreshing to see the same guys post great threads with good information on this team now and where its headed. Next, I...
  6. Quadfather

    Suprise, Suprise!

    Suprise! Absolutly no one on nfl.com or espn.com is talking about the huge days for ryan tannehill and brian hartline. Even though we lost, tannehill throwing for 1 yard shy of the nfl record set by cam newton and Hartline being only the 16th player in league history to catch over 250 yards...
  7. N

    Record Days for Cam Wake, Sean Smith, Tannehill, Hartline, Bess

    Cam Wake: 4.5 sacks in a game (personal record) Sean Smith: 2 interceptions in a game (personal record) Ryan Tannehill: 431 yds passing in a game (franchise record for a rookie) Brian Hartline: 253 yds receiving in a game (franchise record) Davone Bess: 123 yds receiving in a game...
  8. Quadfather

    Prediction: Miami is going to kick some J-E-T-S A-$-$-

    Without Keller and Connor, and based on how good the dolphins rush defense has been, the Jets will get absolutly stuffed on the ground. Plus, Keller is also a huge blow to there passing game. When hes in Sanchez is decent. When hes out, Sanchez cant do ****. On the dolphins side, I expect...
  9. snake eyes

    Do you think Tannehill has be properly informed on the Jets/Dolphins blood feud?

    After watching Hard Knocks and seeing that Tannehill didnt know the different teams in the different divisions I hope the veterans have schooled the young man on the ongoing Bitter blood Feud between Us and the Pests!!!! He has to represent not to mention the crowd noise from all the South...
  10. matt11390

    Tannehill Comparison

    After watching Tannehill through the summer and more today he reminds me of Phillip Rivers in his size, mannerisms, throwing nature, even his #. Watch how he moves in the pocket and how he swings his arm when throwing. He looks like he is pushing the ball when he releases, just like Rivers. Now...
  11. jimlerario

    key to tannehill success

    “Especially with the underneath routes, you have to have what they call a ‘high plant leg,’” Pennington said. “You actually have to throw it taller than what your body is. You have to get up on that front leg and be able to extend as high as you can and almost throw down.”...
  12. snake eyes

    A philosophical question. Tannehill / Marino

    I often wondered if any of our crappy Quarter Backs in the past ever reached out to Dan Marino for advise. Would Marino even do that? He can be kind of a tool at times but I was thinking If I were a young quarterback it would be at least worth buying marino a dinner and some conversation to...
  13. ciscoholgate

    Props to the run D

    Props to our front 7 as they held arguably the best rushing attack in the NFL to under 100 yards and 2.4 yards per carry (35 rushes for 83 yards). Starks, Soliai, Odrick, Wake, Dansby, Burnett and Misi all held up at the point of attack and our safeties did not have to come up to help much at...
  14. snake eyes

    Tannehill is really a great receiver

    Maybe he can throw it to himself. Well the front office seems to be out of ideas.
  15. snake eyes

    Devlin should be #2 (not based on tonights game alone)

    Yeah I know he is playing the scrubbs but since this team is getting younger I think it makes more sense to put him number. I like what I see from him in Hard Knocks and in games. He's taller, faster and has a better arm. I think his potential is great. OK let the bashing begin now. I know...
  16. snake eyes

    TannEhill or Tann(a)hill?

    Ok people are Pronouncing Tannehills name with a hard E like a Y as in Fanny. Now if that indeed is the way to pronounce it I feel Stupid saying TannyHill so Im not gonna. Im going with the Tannahill pronunciation. Anybody know hoe the guy actually says his own name?
  17. Da GODfather

    Ryan Tannehill 1 yard shy of the Jets TOTAL yards on offense

    ....JUST SAYIN :up: R. Tannehill 14/21 167 8.0 1 0 *5 yards rushing on 1 carry Team Stats: DOLPHINS: JETS: First Downs: 19 11 Total...
  18. Blake the great

    Ryan Tannehill Training camp highlights thus far

    You're welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQiJcqRLL90
  19. number1fin

    Receivers praise Ryan Tannehill for velocity, accuracy of throws

    http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/thedailydolphin/2012/07/31/receivers-praise-ryan-tannehill-for-velocity-accuracy-of-throws/ If, and it's a big IF, Ryan Tannehill shows in camp that he is the more accurate QB out of the three, then you must start him. His decision making will only get better...
  20. snake eyes

    Tannehill is a either Stupid or a Jerk!

    This guy is acting like a Diva already. His contract isnt about money so why isnt he in camp fighting for his job? His agent can work out the details while he learns the system. I say Sit his A@s!
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