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    Brent Grimes to Join us on Finsradio Tonight

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know that Brent Grimes and his wife Miko will be joining us tonight on Finsradio's On The FinSide. He will be on around 9. Deon Dyer will also join us around 8:30. To get to the live show simply go to and click the On The FinSide...
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    Aponte not Hickey fired O'Neill

    Not sure if this really matters but if what the Herald says is true kind of makes me laugh. Why would the cap specialist fire the head trainer who is in Indy with the GM and HC and not the GM or HC? Someday maybe this will all go away. For now, it just continues to pile on. Maybe it's not a...
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    FinsRadio Tonight - New Hosts give us a listen

    I know that over the months and to an extent years there has been some huge issues with Finsradio. I'll admit it's difficult to find fans who are passionate and educated enough to talk about the team without sounding like complete idiots. On Finsradio we have more than just one show. We have...
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    David Canter talks about Dolphins on Finsradio

    If you haven't listened to the show you should. NFL Agent David Canter calls in and talks about the Dolphins. Everything from Randy Starks future and his own client Paul Solia but also Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin. GREAT INFO HERE.
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    Sam Madison, AJ Francis, and Seth Levit on Finsradio tonight!

    Join Paul, Cat, and myself on, On the Fin Side tonight at 8 eastern. Special guests, AJ Francis and Sam Madison will be phoning in, and Seth Levit the President of the Jason Taylor Foundation will be joining us as well. Hope you can join us!
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    Finsradio tonight at 8!

    Join us tonight at 8 as we look at what you can expect from Dennis Hickey and the Miami Dolphins moving forward. Is it all bad? Maybe not quite that much. hope you can join us. Show starts at 8 eastern time.
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    Jesse Alger Joins FinsRadio Tonight

    Jesse Alger of the Finsiders (formerly) will join us early tonight on, On the FinSide on Blogtalkradio. Http:// Show starts at
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    Finsradio tonight at 8

    Hey all, So the Dolphins have decided to drag the GM search on a little longer just about enough to make me pay for another month of Blogtalkradio…LOL. So why not join us and express your opinion on what is going on? Http:// Give us a call as well at...
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    Finsradio Tonight At 8…Join us

    There has never been any hint that a few of us support Jeff Ireland in the face of many who do not. Well, a few of us also happen to host "On the FinSide" which it so happens to be on tonight. At 8! Join us live at 8 Eastern time at and let us know how...
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    Finsradio tonight at 8…LOL

    Join us tonight on as we…vent? LOL. How about you call us and vent instead.
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    Get the latest on the Playoffs Tonight On Fins Radio

    Join us, Cat, Paul, and myself on, On The FinSide tonight at 8 Eastern. Join our live chat and give us a call 714-333-3302 Hope you can join us as we talk Miami Dolphins!!!
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    Can we get a 1st round bye in the playoffs?

    If we win out, and Patriots lose out, then we win the AFC east at 10-6. If Baltimore loses at Detroit, and Cincinnati & Indy lose out (both ending at 9-7), then we get the 2nd seed, and a 1st round bye? I know it's unlikely, but I'm wondering if it's...
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    Playoff? Playoffs? We'll let you know! Finsradio at 8

    Join us on at to hear tonights live broadcast. Call in at 714-333-3302 and/or join our chat room. See you there!
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    Miami favored to take the 6th playoff spot?

    For the last AFC playoff spot, Baltimore & Miami are both tied at 7-6, with Baltimore winning the tie breaker based on head-to-head win. But as NFL analysts have noted, Baltimore has a brutal remaining schedule. Detroit, New England, Cincinnati...
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    FinsRadio Starts in 5 minutes

    Come talk about about the Miami Dolphins and get the scoop on the Playoff possibilities.
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    Rishard Matthews goes from long shot to making history for Miami Dolphins Anybody ever notice Mike Sherman kind of has this over-the-hill cataract-eyed look to him? You're not sure he's always paying attention?
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    Finsradio tonight at 8

    Hey all, Finsradio is on tonight.
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    FinsRadio Bitch Session Tonight At 8

    It's like a car want to ignore it and not look but you can't help it. Then you get disappointed when it's not that bad. That's what it's like right now on Finsradio. You don't want to talk about it but you can't tune out. Why? Because we all are swimming in the same stench...
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    The Shed Show Starting NOW!

    Talk Miami Dolphins on Join us at Blogtalkradio and talk Miami Dolphins football...and you know what.
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    Our RB/WR/TEs have had zero fumbles this year. ZERO.

    In 2012, our RB/WR/TEs had 12 fumbles. In 2013 so far (7 games), our RB/WR/TEs had ZERO fumbles. Something positive..
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