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    FinsRadio tonight at 8 DRAFT SPECIAL

    Join us tonight on as we host our annual Draft special...Barring of course BTR not crashing on us again..>SHEESH!
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    Dolphins Talking trade with KC for Alberts?

    According to some rumors I am hearing out of KC, the Dolphins have inquired about Tackle Brandon Albert. He was tagged by KC so the Dolphins would have to likely work out a long term deal. Someone a short time ago posted that Mortensen reported the Phins had an offer on the table to K.C. I...
  3. Built2Win

    How good is Gibson? Can he push Hartline?

    I see some people are happy with the signing while others think Gibson is a waste of a roster spot. Gibson had 51 catches for 691 yards and five touchdowns in 2012. What stands out to me is Gibson had more touchdowns last year then the all the dolphins receivers! If Gibson can duplicate that...
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    Finsradio Tonight At 8 - Free Agency

    Tonight, hoping to hell BTR has their servers fixed and the audio doesn't blow...we will be hosting tonight at 8 PM Eastern time. The link on the front of Finheaven isn't working currently so keep the FH window open and join us at We want to hear your thoughts...
  5. fin-atic

    What you are missing...

    Those of you who are NOT a are missing the live chat where other fans are chatting about the FA moves and sharing insight in the VIP forum...all WITHOUT ADS! It's a faster better FinHeaven experience AND you support the site. WAIT until draft...then it gets even hotter. SWEET...
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    Finsradio Tonight At 8 - Free Agency preview

    Join us tonight on as we talk about the impending free agency and a look ahead to the draft. We will have a live chat-room as well as a call in number for you to call in to the show and give us your opinions, thoughts, or questions. 714-333-3302. Show starts at 8 Pm eastern time...
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    FinHeaven Site Announcement

    To All of Our Loyal Fans: This time of year we reach out to you to ask you to donate to help keep FinHeaven alive. Each year we run at a slight loss. This past year we gained ground and had a better year than prior, but still ended up at a deficit. I want to emphasize that the site isn't free...
  8. CO-Gator

    Is the story of Manti Teo's girlfriend dying a hoax?

    Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend is a hoax Edit: Girl never existed.
  9. N tonight at 8

    Tonight will be our last Finsradio show until our March/April shows about the draft and FA. Join us tonight at
  10. Geforce

    1972 Miami Dolphins On NFL Network

    Tonight at 8pm EST, NFL Network is showing More Than Perfect: The 1972 Miami Dolphins and at 1am EST they are showing America's Game featuring the 1972 Miami Dolphins. NFL Network will repeat these shows on Thursday with More Than Perfect airing at 3pm and America's Game airing at 4pm.
  11. N tonight at 8

    Join me on and rep Finheaven! We will be talking about Tannehill, the MDFA's, a little about the draft and a look back and forward to the week that was and will be. Show starts at 8:00 eastern time. Join our live chat, call in at 714-333-3302. Hope to hear you there!
  12. fin-atic

    Vote for ryan tannehill!!

    Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins is a finalist for Pepsi Max NFL Rookie Of The Week honors for games played from November 22-26. He is also a nominee for the The GMC Never Say Never Moment Of The Week, which honors the best moment or play of the week that represents...
  13. fin-atic

    ALL READ: Fans in trouble-Need Our Help

    All: Our Miami Dolphins are well represented in the NY area by a club called Dolfans NYC. They have had many members, and other Dolphin fans who are impacted by Hurricane Sandy and the club is trying to raise money to help. Some of had home burnt to the ground and still have no where to go. I...
  14. fin-atic

    New Front Page Poll: Do you think we make the playoffs this year?

    I think many of us are not sure how to feel after the loss against the Colts. Just how good are we? Until we beat a quality opponent it is hard to tell. And what about that defense? Once regarded the bad were they? Well at this point FinHeaven wants to know if you think the Miami...
  15. fin-atic


    Check out the great video preview of this week's game against the Colts. Emory does a great job of breaking down this match-up right down to the Xs and Os. Video Here: Go Dolphins!!!
  16. fin-atic


    On the front page is this week's game as previewed by's Emory Hunt. Emory does a AMAZING job of breaking the details of the game down so that YOU can see how the teams match up. Watch video here: check it out! -Matt
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    Finsradio starts tonight

    Finsradio is starting in 5 minutes. FYI
  18. fin-atic

    New Front Page Poll: Who was the MVP of the Rams Win?

    It is so much more fun making a poll after a win compared to a loss. So since we BEAT the Rams and Smarty Jeff Fischer, why don't you let us know who YOU think was the MVP of that game? (I personally chose Cam Wake. Felt he disrupted Bradford ALL day) SPEAK OUT DOLPHINS NATION AND BE HEARD...
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    Finsradio Tonight At 8

    How do you feel about the first month of the season? Tell us all about it! starts at 8 eastern tonight. Give us a call at 714-333-3302 and be a part of the show. Join James, Cat, and myself tonight on's "On the Fin Side" tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern. Join our live...
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    Dolphins team hotel ny???

    Anyone know where they will be staying when they fa ce the jets? Thanks
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