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    Comedian Roy Wood, Jr. joins Finsradio Tonight

    The Miami Dolphins are in a bye week. We are not. Join JL, Cat, and of course yours truly tonight at 8PM Eastern as we talk about the Dolphins performance last week and a quick look two weeks ahead to Buffalo. Joining us tonight is celebrity Miami Dolphins fan Roy Wood, Jr. Roy Wood, Jr. is a...
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    Positive Note: We had 3 different receivers with receptions over 40+ yds

    We had 3 different receivers with receptions over 40+ yds (Wallace, Gibson, Clay). Certainly not something we ever had during the Bess & Fasano years.
  3. number1fin

    Who's picking the Dolphins to beat the Ravens? You may be surprised...

    Here's a roundup of NFL "experts" picks for Sunday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins. And for what it's worth... As you can see, many "experts" are picking the Dolphins to win this week. Not...
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    Are The Dolphins For Real? FinsRadio Tonight At 8

    Join us on Finsradio tonight at 8 as we talk 3-0 Miami Dolphins football!!! Call us at 714-333-3302 or join our chat room. To listen go to and click the listen button. Hope you can join us
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    MSN article agreeing that Tanny is overlooked Good article basically saying what we've all been saying. Tanny and the Fins are being overlooked and undervalued!
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    The Shed - Starts at 8 on Finsradio

    It's been almost six years since Michael Brothers of the ShedDawgs and I co-hosted a radio show together. Tonight, we start or very first show completely together. THE SHED...with Mike & Brian starts tonight on FinsRadio. Linik is here: Http:// Join us tonight...
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    How long should we play our starters in our next preseason game (Tampa Bay)?

    Yesterday, I was roundly criticized for saying we shouldn't play our starters for more than 1 quarter in meaningless preseason games, because of injury risk. Double the time, double the injury risk. Now that Dustin Keller has likely been lost for the year due to a 2nd quarter preseason hit...
  8. N tonight! 8 Starts now

    Join us on right now! Let's talk Dolphins!
  9. fin-atic

    Omar giving the fins some love

    Everyone bashes Omar for being negative on the team so I thought he deserved equal time when he gives us some love. Read:,0,7021883.story
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    Looking for some fans to do a charity fantasy football league

    I have started a few leagues for fantasy football, you can see those leagues on I ams starting another set of smaller leagues with a better chance to win. They will either be 6 teams or 8 teams depending on responses. Or none if there is no interest. Three different...
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    FF league for Dolphins Charity drive. Hey Finheaven...I am running our 4th season of charity leagues this year to benefit the Miami Dolphins Cycling Challenge charity drive for Cancer research. Wanted to invite any of you FF'ers who might want to join. Information can be found including the cost...
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    Direct link to my free iPad Dolphins Preview Guide

    Hey all, Finally have the direct link to the itunes location for my free iPad Miami Dolphins Preview Guide. It's about 300 pages and includes a shout out to FinHeaven in it! If you download it and if you have an iPad why wouldn't you because it's free and you can always DELETE it if you...
  13. N is back tonight at 8 Eastern

    Hey all, Been a long off-season but Finsradio is back on the air tonight at 8 Eastern. Join us as we get you bleeding Miami Dolphins football! Also have a few nights open if anyone would like to start your own show. All you need is a mic and a computer we host on...
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    2013 Miami Dolphins Preview Guide - My 1st Published

    My Phins preview guide is on iTunes For the first time, has published a 2013 Miami Dolphins Preview Guide. While it's a couple of days late for the start of training camp this guide has player by player profiles of all 89 of the 90 players in camp today. It covers all the...
  15. Geforce

    Hard Knocks on NFL Network

    The first episode of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins airs tonight at 10:00pm eastern with the replay airing on Tuesday at 2:00pm eastern. Sunday night, July 21st, NFL Network will be airing a marathon of the Hard Knocks episodes starting at 7:00pm eastern then re-airing of...
  16. number1fin

    Comparing Miami's last repeat champs: '72-'73 Dolphins and Heat
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    Who will be our 5th most productive skill player on offense?

    Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Dustin Keller, and Lamar Miller will probably be on the field for most plays. So who do you think will be our 5th most productive skill player on offense?
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    Customized Jerseys now available!

    If any of you are like me, you've been waiting for a long time to be able to customize your own jersey. Good news, we finally can :)...
  19. Geforce

    Miami Dolphins' Practice Report

    Miami Dolphins' second open OTA's practice -- "We thought he was decisive in the way he plays the game," Philbin said of Dannell Ellerbe. -- "He's a big guy. Catches the ball with his hands well. He's an intriguing prospect," Philbin said of new WR Courtney Gardner. -- Because the defense...
  20. N's draft recap and final show of season

    Tonight James, Cat, and I will recap the draft. Take a look around the AFC East, talk about what still needs to happen and wrap our season until August. Join us tonight at 8:00 eastern time. Brian
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